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Crowned lately from the Golden Globes, the BAFTA and also the 2019 Oscarfor best animated film, Spider-Man: New Generation ( into the Spider-verses from the language of 50 Cent) is preparing to return to the homes with its release in Blu-Ray and DVD.

On this occasion, Sony Pictures Animation supplied us with the exclusive excerpt of one of those featurettes included one of the bonuses of this Blu-Ray, a parcel of making-of which returns to the process of producing the movie, the storyboard to the animated picture. Things to keep in mind the many functions of artists that have served throughout the film, and a part of which will be joined in the artbook Spider-Man: New Generation, to locate May 9 in HiComics.

The chance also to recall a crowdfunding campaign for Blu-Ray and artbook is currently now taking place on KissKissBankBank, which a night in Max Linder particular Spider-Man theatre , with all the projection of New Generation and the first two opus of Sam Raimi, will be held on May 4 - we expect you to see the film on the large screen!

Spider-Man: New Generation arrives on May 6 in Blu-Ray and DVD.